I started my career as a self-taught editor in a local TV channel, back in 2003. Loved it. Never stopped since. Edited documentaries, TV programs, translated and subtitled hundreds of films for festivals (plus 4 years of dubbing). Became a producer, don’t even know when, it just happened. Because I loved it. Produced Films, TV, Commercials and any other kind of ”motion pictures” you can imagine. Worked with crews from all over the world. Organized Festivals. Lots of them. In fact, I still do, so we should talk in advance if you have any plans with me for July or October. For 9 years taught Visual storytelling to journalists. Moved to Brussels in 2018. I do production (and camera, and editing). Still love it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We are a dynamic community of independent professionals in visual arts, ready to help each other and able to cover a vast range of services that a client might need. Scriptwriters, producers, directors, DoP’s,  photographers, editors, designers, casting managers, they are all here to give it the look you search for. Based on your brief, we’ll come up with a full Promo Kit, be it a company, an event or a product. Having different experiences, in different areas allows to identify the right person for the right project. “We’ll give you a look” is not just a motto, it is a philosophy that brings together Brands (who must have a look), Clients (who should take a look) and Us (who set the right angle to get the best look).